Cell (2017) Performative reading with sound and props (duration: 20 minutes).

Cell was written and staged for a cubicle containing a Victorian slipper bath in the Laurie Grove Baths Building at Goldsmiths, as part of a symposium organised by Fine Art PhD researchers and open to the public on the subject of 'immurement'. The audience was asked to move and root themselves in different viewing points between sections of the reading, echoing the shifts in the writing between different states of fluidity and fixity. Moving between anecdote, fact and theorisation, the materiality of soft bodies in states of flux, water vapour and mould become enmeshed with the weightiness of concrete, the security of building foundations which fix bodies in place. The founding structures and concrete thinking that orient and immure communities of belief are seen to enable a fabulation, an enchantment in which believers are immersed and find their footing.

Poet and researcher Holly Corfield Carr was invited to respond to Cell at the event. Her reading can be found here.

Image (left): Cell (link to script).

Images (right & below): Cell Performance in Laurie Grove Baths, Goldsmiths, 5th October 2017. Images: Courtesy Manuela Barczewski 

Bottom: Cell - Video documentation: Courtesy Rowena Harris