I have completed two art projects for Rotherham Council (2015) and Bexley Council (2017) working with children and young people in care. During the Rotherham Children's Homes Consultation, I worked alongside consultant Jenny Molloy to provide platforms for the young people to make their voices heard and share their concerns whilst the efficacy of several children's homes were assessed. Working with the young people, we recorded their responses to how they felt about being in care through drawing and photography. I produced a large mural artwork and a short video formed of their responses. This project culminated in an event involving the participation of the young people and a touring exhibition of the works produced. In 2017, I worked with Jenny Molloy again to facilitate the relaunch of the Bexley Children in Care Council. The Care Council exists to provide a means for children in care to come together, share experiences and advocate for others within the care system. This project including working closely with the children and young people to develop a new name, a new logo, a large mural artwork, photographs, clay work, drawings and a short video about the development of the Children in Care Council, now renamed Positive Journeys. The project finished with a re-launch event and exhibition. 

Images (top): Open Doors - Rotherham Childrens' Homes Consultation (2015) Hand cut vinyl lettering on painted MDF board. Approx. 150 cm x 80 cm.

Images (bottom): Positive Journeys - Bexley Children in Care Council Relaunch (2017) Vinyl cut outs and paint on painted MDF board. 150 cm x 110 cm.; Hand drawn poster 60 cm x 84 cm.

(Please note - In order to protect the identities of the children and young people I am only able to include images of the large mural artworks and text works).