The Believers (2013) Installation: digital prints (84 x 84 cm), texts (29 x 42 cm), single channel video with audio, painted MDF board (92 x 155cm), pencil on paper (various sizes), pins. 

The Believers comprised an installation at Bond House project space (London) centring around three chapters of text. The writing drew on literary and cinematic depictions of fire and brimstone preachers, and research into extreme forms of American evangelicalism within which snake handling and poison drinking form a test of faith. The three chapters were each paired with an image of a black hole.

Images (top): Installation at Bond House project space (London). Images: Courtesy Charlotte Warne Thomas.

Images (middle): The Sign Followers (link to text pdf). Inverted Black Hole (digital print). The Apostle (link to text pdf).  Black Hole (digital print). The Mockers (link to text pdf). Inverted black hole (digital print).

Images (bottom): Drawings (pencil on paper, various sizes)